Monday, June 22, 2009

Our New Library Catalog is Live

Our Library catalog has a new clean look. If you need assistance, please ask a librarian for help at ext. 281 or 282.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Outside 325 - Brigham Young's Ban on YouTube Ends This Fall

Since 2006, access to YouTube has been denied at Brigham Young. After reconsideration and acknowledgment of the abundance of educational materials on YouTube, this fall , Brigham Young will be re-united with YouTube on campus. Initially, the University found content on YouTube objectionable. The title link leads to the full article.

From the Chronicle's Wired Campus, June 9, 2009

Article Review: SuperClubs’ Issa Likes Breezes

I recommend an article titled “Super Clubs Issa Likes Breezes” in the May 2009 issue of Hotels; it’s a good read if you want to learn how to own your own hotel. There is a hotel in Kingston, Jamaica called the Super Clubs Resorts. The hotel is owned by a man named John Issa. In the article he speaks about his different hotels and what they have. This article will be good for you to read especially if you would like to one day own a hotel because it will give you some tips.

First, if you decide to major in hotel management, read what Issa has to say about 2009 performance being solid, which provided the impetus in re-branding several portfolios. As the time past, the resort group will be renamed and be called Grand Lido Negril and Grand Lido Braco hotels, Breezes Grand Negril and Breezes Rio Bueno on November 1. Another thing he will be bringing is the family focused Starfish Trelawney under it Breezes umbrella.

Second, after everything is complete, there will be eleven Breezes Resorts in six countries. Issa’s goal for the future is that there will be more opportunities for to brand in the Caribbean. He feels Breezes is the best brand, appeals well to everyone and hopes that everyone will be pleased. Breezes will be located in a lot of different well-known places where they can be found easily. One of the places would be located on the southern Pacific coast in Cocle around the beach resort community of Santa Clara; the place will be so big that it will feature 300 rooms and a spa. Issa explains that a lot of what you have to do is to grab people’s attention by offering something special. Then at last they started offering a US package for five nights, for only $600. Over all this entire article is interesting and will help you out in the future if you would like to know all about hotels.

This article can be found in the issue Hotels (May 2009)

By: John Issa
Reviewed by: Isabell Cortes

Top Minority Owned Companies

Follow the title link of this blog entry to learn more about these local businesses on Crain's top 5. Goya Foods (Secaucus, NJ) ranks number 1. Beneath Your Sole (Mount Vernon, NY) ranks number 4 after Bad Boy Entertainment.