Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Study Tips and Resources

Study Tips and Resources from the Library Learning Center

(Please note that the tips below are simply suggestions.  Tutoring support might be necessary if practiced advice does not prove useful. Continue to consult your professors for feedback throughout the semester.)
1. Read your assigned chapters and then create your own test questions. Have a classmate “grade” or evaluate your answers.
2. Use mass transit wisely.  While traveling, read your textbook or compose a first draft. 
3. Do not turn in your first written draft. After writing it, print it and read the hard copy. Go back and make corrections. Read your paper out loud.  Edit the paper again.
4. Partner with your professors during their office hours.  Work on exercises together to tighten your skills or knowledge of the subject area.
5. Use your time wisely in the Library. If the Internet is distracting, use a computer free table to do your work.

CW Library Kindle Books: Study Skills
How to Become a Straight A StudentNewport, Cal
Confessions of a Public SpeakerBerkun, Scott
Test Success!: How to Be Calm, Confident & Focused on Any TestBernstein, Ben
Math Better Explained: Learn to Unlock Your Math IntuitionAzad, Kalid
How to Get Out of Your Own WayGibson, Tyrese