Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Review: The Moment Social Media Became Serious Business

I was introduced to Twitter last week and I liked it because of the limited information one can put into twittering. Ironically, I discovered Tammy Erickson's Blog at the Harvard Business Review Online called "The Moment Social Media Became Serious Business". What caught my attention was the way Ms. Erickson outlined that social media is an integral part of the way we work - a core tool of serious business which is so true. It integrates the modern technology that is available to us in marketing and also for social interaction. This article proves that the technological world we are living in is advancing rapidly and some of us are making adjustments and some are not. The Web 2.0 is just the beginning of things to come in the future. Social media is changing the way organizations communicate to their customers and that is very important if they want their organizations to be competitive and effective. It is a powerful tool for everyone to communicate effectively whether it is in print or media world. It allows people to communicate their message properly so others can understand what they are saying. It is a good tool for sharing knowledge and how to find resources that will be helpful to us with our projects. For example, CW Library has a twitter account at with 51 followers and these followers can get up to date news.

Review by Ula Ann Best

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remarks by President Obama about the Relief Efforts in Haiti

The title link to this Blog entry leads to the transcript.

College Library Hours for Monday, January 18, 2010, Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday

The College of Westchester Library will be operating on a schedule from 3:00pm until 9:00pm. If you need to contact the Librarian, please leave a voicemail at

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Outside 325: Drexel's VIP Admissions Application Attracts a Wave of Applicants

From The Chronicle Online, January 10, 2010
To access this article use: Msam2410, MEzuFuFY

Drexel created an online VIP Application which asks for no application fee or essay. It is so easy to apply, it attracts a great number of applicants. Read the article and see how they've managed to attract so many applicants. Note the user/pword above.

Haiti and its History - An Easy To Read Guide from CNN

This easy to read historical timeline of Haiti includes a map and the history of Haiti to the recent earthquake.

Friday, January 8, 2010

‘Avatar’ Soars On Fat Ad Spending, Mass Marketing

Advertising Age 1/4/10
By Andrew Hampp

“‘Avatar’ Soars On Fat Ad Spending, Mass Marketing” by Andrew Hampp talks about how Fox made the movie Avatar such huge success through good use of mass marketing. The article mentions in particular the exclusive promotions made in partnership with Coke Zero, McDonald’s. These promotions included not just traditional marketing tools like Happy Meals but also things like creating virtual spaces for fans to interact other aspects of the movie environment. The article also talks about how LG and Panasonic used Avatar to promote products with similar 3-D innovations. Lastly the article mentions that Avatar may become the highest grossing movie in history. It has already set the record for most tickets sold in one weekend. As a closing comment the author says that the movie’s success makes it a rising tide to lift all sales. This article is well written and details a good example of how mass marketing can help make a product a big success. The article also showcases the diversity of modern marketing campaigns fairly well.

Review by Chris Postma

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

NEW in Library Periodicals -The Harvard Business Review - Jan/Feb 2010

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) Jan./Feb. 2010 issue, focuses on reinvention. The issue spotlights transformation in terms of one's own business to meet today's challenges. The issue inlcudes 10 breakthough ideas for 2010 and 5 ways to bungle a job change. It is a special double issue.

The HBR is available in the College of Westchester Library. We request that you do not make photocopies of any HBR issue. Please let a librarian know if you'd like to borrow the copy to read in your office.

Thanks in advance,
Monecia Samuel
College Librarian