Friday, January 8, 2010

‘Avatar’ Soars On Fat Ad Spending, Mass Marketing

Advertising Age 1/4/10
By Andrew Hampp

“‘Avatar’ Soars On Fat Ad Spending, Mass Marketing” by Andrew Hampp talks about how Fox made the movie Avatar such huge success through good use of mass marketing. The article mentions in particular the exclusive promotions made in partnership with Coke Zero, McDonald’s. These promotions included not just traditional marketing tools like Happy Meals but also things like creating virtual spaces for fans to interact other aspects of the movie environment. The article also talks about how LG and Panasonic used Avatar to promote products with similar 3-D innovations. Lastly the article mentions that Avatar may become the highest grossing movie in history. It has already set the record for most tickets sold in one weekend. As a closing comment the author says that the movie’s success makes it a rising tide to lift all sales. This article is well written and details a good example of how mass marketing can help make a product a big success. The article also showcases the diversity of modern marketing campaigns fairly well.

Review by Chris Postma