Saturday, May 10, 2008

Educause Survey Results - Top 10 IT Issues in Higher Education

From The Chronicle, May 08, 2008

Educause, the higher-education-technology consortium, released the results yesterday of its 2008 survey on the top IT issues in higher education.

The top-10 issues “most important for… institutions to resolve for strategic success” are:
1) Security
2) Administrative/ERP Information Systems
3) Funding IT
4) Infrastructure
5) Identity/Access Management
6) Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
7) Governance, Organization, and Leadership
8) Change Management
9) E-Learning/Distributed Teaching and Learning
10) Staffing/HR Management/Training

Since 2003, the top three issues issues have been, in various rankings, security, administrative/ERP information systems, and funding IT. This year was the first time that “change management” appeared in the top-10 list, however.

Click here to find resources relating to each of these issues and an additional breakdown of the survey results.—Catherine Rampell

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