Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A CW Library Internship Experience

During the course of the Winter 2011 Semester, as a General Education Elective, I had an opprotunity to work as an Intern in the Library. This was an interesting internship experience  because I've never worked in a library before and I got to see what it was like. I've learned a lot from this internship, for example, the differences between the CW library databases and those at other college libraries. My Supervisor, Ms. Monecia Samuel, Director of the Library, taught me how to enhance my research skills and how libraries work. At every session I learned something new, for example, how the Library classification system works, and how to organize all the periodicals according to subject. Additionally, there were times when I helped by cheking the IDs of students entering the Library. Also, I got to assist Ms. Samuel and Chris Postma, the Technical Services Intern, while giving a library presentation during a classroom visit. When I look back at this experience after I finish my studies at the school, I'll be glad that I was able to advance my career searching and research techniques.

By: Deanna Bergenson, Class of 2011