Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Article Review: 13 Ways to Save

I believe this article can guide consumers while shopping and help them save. I remember many years ago accompanying my mother to the supermarket, and each and every month she would leave the store with a $400 shopping receipt. In today’s economic hardships, it is imperative to reduce spending habits and focus on necessities. The “May 2009” issue of Consumer Reports reported “13 ways to save”. By the way, I once worked as an employee for PathMark; getting the consumer to spend was the company’s main goal. Here are additional ways to save big.

1. Always utilize coupons
2. Leave your children at home, they often create pressure to buy something that is not needed
3. Take all the time needed at “HOME” to construct a list, do not shop willingly
4. Always use your supermarket savings card, you may be eligible for future promotions and extra savings
5. Customers always find them self missing out on huge sales; if an item is no longer in stock, always get a
rain-check (if prohibited by the supermarket)

Article by Consumer Reports
Reviewed by Michael Adebiyi

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