Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Now?

Since the recession began, people had to deal with even more financial problems. Some companies went under while others were bailed out . Because of this recession many people have lost their jobs which lead them to spend less money. This has placed the economy in something called a money paralysis. Companies have been going under and waiting for the government to save them. When Merrill lynch went under Jeffrey Goldberg was one of the few people to make it out with a bit of hope. After losing everything he had worked all his life for, he never gave up he still looked around for jobs. He stopped investing in mutual funds because he didn’t know who owned them. Just like everyone else he wanted to retire and live the good life but things don’t always happen that way, and knowing that made it easier for him to spend money. Just like everyone else losing his job and money tore his life apart but he started thinking for himself and were able to come up and he is definitely a light that should be followed.

Reviewed By: Damion Bouton
This article"What Now" by Jeffrey Goldberg can be found in the May 2009 The Atlantic