Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Business Week 50

I thought that the article was interesting and provided a unique look at what companies are performing well and how they had to be creative in to do so. The author mentions that many of the companies had to change the rules of engagement in their industries to perform well. In Business Week’s ranking of the 50 best performing companies, they found that innovation was powerful magazine of success of the companies. Foust mentions that “a common trait among companies on the list is that they pay for performance. The salaries they offer may be stingy but the incentives are generous.” He concludes the article by talking about how companies who are at “risk of seeing their franchisees disrupted by upstart rivals”. He talks about how many of these “challenged companies have a history of rising to the occasion and may prove that they can be innovative and disruptive players again.”

This Article can be found in the April 6, 2009 issues of Business Week

Written by Dean Foust
Reviewed by Chris Postma