Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Article Review: Encouraging Collaboration

How to Encourage Collaboration in the OR by Jo Shapiro, M.D., is beautifully and clearly written, and very useful across the disciplines and workplace settings.

She discusses temporarily flattening hierarchy and mentions the advantages of debriefing as a teaching tool.

Favorite Point:
"Unless prompted and encouraged, some team members may hold on to information, or not give it to the right person, because of the hierarchical cultural barriers to speaking out. ...if you do not explicitly welcome input, you probably won't get it. And, if the team leader doesn't mean it-if he or she really doesn't want input from other people and is saying she does proforma-that quickly becomes known and renders the words ineffective." - Jo Shapiro, MD

You can link to the entire article by clicking the title of this blog posting.

Reviewed By: M. Samuel, College Librarian